Friday, July 19, 2013

The Most Insightful Parenting Posts

The Best Parenting Method Ever

The Important Thing About Yelling

What No One Remembers About New Motherhood

Why You Are Never Failing As A Mother

 How To Be A Baby Properly

Childbirth: The Extreme Sport

To The Tired Moms

And just for grins:

A Man Experiencing Labor


  1. I read somewhere that you're not Christian, and that's totally cool. I'm not even sure what I am.

    But what I am sure is that whomever or whatever is out and about and making sure the world spins every so often, I am thankful to them/it that we met and that I have the opportunity to read through yrou blog, and check out these links, and to find peace with my life with things that have bothered me for years and years.

    I only hope to be a friend to you as well as time goes on.

    (: Olive Branch Buddy.

    1. I am so happy my words, and those of other's I've stumbled upon are helpful to others, especially to find peace. I don't think I can describe just how that makes me feel other than: being wrapped in fleece on a cold day.