Tuesday, June 24, 2014

RE: Breasts

I've had a few conversations lately about why women should be able to breastfeed freely in public without dirty looks, lewd staring, or rude comments... and about how if men can go topless because it's 106 degrees outside women should be able to as well and they've all brought me to the same realization: people actually have no idea what their sex organs are. Even though they have them and they should know this stuff about themselves because it's basic and important. School has failed them so, so hard.

List of actual Sex Organs in Humans:

In Biological Females
  •     Bartholin’s glands
  •     Cervix
  •     Clitoris (and all its parts)
  •     Fallopian tubes
  •     labium (majora/minora)
  •     Ovaries
  •     Skene’s gland
  •     Uterus
  •     Vagina
  •     Vulva

In Biological Males
  •     Bulbourethral glands
  •     Epididymis
  •     Penis (and all its parts)
  •     Prostate
  •     Scrotum
  •     Seminal vesicles
  •     Testicles

Things that are commonly misinterpreted as Sex Organs even though they actually aren’t:

In Biological Females
  • Breasts

In Biological Males
  • ???

Just because they turn you on doesn’t mean they are sexual. People get turned on by necks, feet, feces, and eyes too and none of those are considered innately sexual. Because they aren’t; neither are breasts.

The male and female breast contain all of the same things, including milk ducts. That’s right, gentlemen, you can lactate. Fat allocation alone should not be such a big deal. Why is it such a big deal?

"But touching boobs feels nice!"

Nipple stimulation is intended to be between parent and offspring, not lovers. It triggers milk production (postpartum) and releases a hormone related to breastfeeding that promotes feelings of relaxation, closeness, and love — to bond parent to child. That it’s also used for funsies is a bonus, not the base feature.
Saying the human breast is a Sex Organ is like saying chocolate syrup is a Sex Food because, hey, people use it for that too.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Updated Registry

I've overhauled Jude's Registry again to be size and age appropriate. He's getting so big, so fast. He's almost three feet tall! It seems like he just got here yesterday, but there he is walking and running and dancing and talking. Crazy. The first six months seemed to last forever, but then every month after that has just flown by. I'll wake up tomorrow and he'll be applying to colleges.