Sunday, July 14, 2013

Our Baby May Be Psychic

Jude responds to situations he should be totally oblivious to. Lacking any explanation, along with developing his ability to crawl, he's developing his psychic powers.

For example, sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and just lie in bed for a while. I'm not making any noise or anything. I'm basically just laying there thinking about things. Life, things to draw, things to write, my day, someone else's day, etc. If I am up long enough, without fail, Jude will wake up too. This might seem normal if he was still co-sleeping, but he is in the nursery a whole room and two closed doors away. Unless he can somehow sense the change in my brainwave patterns, there is no explanation for this!

Another thing he does on occasion is complain if I go from being bored to having fun, which admittedly makes him sound like a Disney villain. Last week he was happily playing on the floor, facing away from me, so I figured I could read a chapter of a book or something. Only the moment I picked up the book he started fussing. There was nothing wrong... his diaper was dry, he wasn't hungry, thirsty, chilly, hot, wet, or gassy. When I put the book down he quit fussing. He was still facing away from me. The moment I picked it up again, he started to fuss. Book down, happy. Book up, fussy. I did this for about twenty minutes before just giving up as I had wound up reading the same paragraph repeatedly and still didn't know what I had read.

Yesterday something similar occurred. He was playing with his toys, not a care in the world, and I was just staring at my Facebook news feed bored out of my mind, waiting for someone to say anything. Then I decided since he was well occupied to log in to an MMO and play a bit myself. No sooner had I loaded the game he began to fuss. There was nothing wrong. I logged out, and he was fine again. Logged in once I was certain he was content and sure enough: complaints! Like he could sense the dopamine levels in my brain rising and was not okay with it. This doesn't happen all of the time, thankfully, but when it does it makes no sense! How the hell?

Magic baby.


  1. ALL babies have this ability. Especially when it comes to attempting to start up MMO's. *sigh*

  2. En Annan is correct.

  3. Haha. If only it could be harnessed for good.