Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Slip and Slide

I am soaked.

Jude was crawling around and playing in the living room, so I diverted my attention to adding an appropriate amount of honey to my tea. When I looked up, Jude was in the kitchen with his hands in the cat's water. He had already splashed it everywhere, drenching the tile and himself, so there was really no rush to stop him at that point. 

I decided since he needed a bath anyway to just let him have his fun freeing up my time to feed myself breakfast as I watched him play. We were both thrilled with this arrangement until about five minutes in when Elmo came on TV and Jude immediately wanted to crawl back into the living room to watch.

The issue with this is that both he and the tile were wet, so after a mere few inches his hands slipped one direction and his knees slid the other then in trying to auto-correct himself he threw all of his weight to one side, effectively flipping himself over mid fall onto his back. This meant rather than just sliding down onto his tummy, he bonked his head.

Now his onsie and diaper are completely soaked with cat water and his face is wet with tears. I rush over and scoop him up for much needed cuddles and reassurance that the three inch tumble has not in fact ruined his life, but it takes some convincing. Enough that by the end I'm just as wet as he is and we both need not only a bath but complete outfit change.

Silly boy.

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  1. Ha ha :-D That's just how things go, sometimes. Great storytelling!