Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Suction Cup Plates and Bowls: Make Them Work

I'm sure most other parents have gotten their hopes up about plates and bowls with suction cups on the bottom to help prevent mealtime from being four times messier than it should be. I'm also sure many of you have been sorely let down by the useability/effectiveness of these suction dishes. Most seem not to adhere to anyplace useful: high chair tray, table top, floor, etc. Though they seem to stick great to the counter top... which is basically useless.

After cleaning up Jude's snacks for the 16th time since giving them to him 10 minutes ago and having zero success getting his suction bowl to stick to anything, I finally thought, "What about sticking this bad boy to a dinner plate?" I've found a way to make them not a total waste of money! Wet the bottom and stick them to a large heavy glass plate or casserole dish. Unless your baby is from Krypton, this should effectively limit the amount of dish throwing taking place.  It's worked wonderfully.

Now the only reason there are cracker puffs on the floor is because he grabs them by the handful but only sticks one in his mouth. So when he lets go he drops all the rest. Oh, the trials and tribulations of learning to feed yourself. Haha.

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