Friday, August 2, 2013

Like The Nights of Yore

Tonight was the worst Sleepening (the process by which I prepare Jude for bed time) in the history of Sleepenings. It's the first time it's taken a full hour to complete in such a long time. I'm not sure if his teeth are bothering him or if he's suddenly developed a fear of the dark or something. But ffs.

He finished nursing, then I gave him his bottle to top him off, then he fell asleep beginning the count down (the moment the baby unlatches I start counting to five minutes, after which time it is the ideal moment to place him in his crib with success). All per usual. However then he woke up in tears, struggled to get comfortable unsuccessfully which only brought on more tears, until the point of hysterics.

I changed him to a more upright position which has worked in the past during bed time fusses, and that worked up until he tried to fall asleep in that position -- which he can't, so he started to cry about that. So I returned him to laying across my lap, and he was fine for a second until suddenly he wasn't and he was crying inconsolably again.

Aaron poked his head in (like Castiel) to see if he could help somehow and I asked for him to fetch the Tylenol. He did, and helped administer it which calmed Jude down because 'yay Daddy,' then I tried to get him to doze again but he was still far too upset. And now totally awake.

In the end I had to get up like the days of yore and pace around in the dark with all twenty-some pounds of him for fifteen minutes until he finally passed out. Thankfully. Combination of walking and Tylenol no doubt. Hopefully he sleeps through the night at least. Poor Ducky.

Is that a thing that happens? Do babies suddenly develop a fear of the dark at some point? I mean, it could just be his teeth but I've never seen him that upset before. Ever. So I'm inclined to believe it was multiple things bothering him, teething, sleepiness, darkness, etc.

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  1. Development development development development, to paraphrase Microsoft's Steve Ballmer.

    All three of my kids have had periods of development paired with problems falling asleep. It's still happening with my soon-six-year-old. :-)

    Fortunately these periods pass quickly. :-)

    Hang in there. :-)