Monday, March 4, 2013


Jude loves to gnaw on my jewelry. Unfortunately most of my jewelry is not only too delicate to be tugged and chewed on but also dangerous to be tugged and chewed on. At four months he's also yet oblivious to the word no. So the idea of jewelry for adults that is meant to be chewed on by babies was really appealing to me. Something passable as fashion that's also more appealing to Jude than my real jewelry. This is how I discovered Chewbeads.

Blurry image because of all the fun.
Chewbeads are soft, chewy beaded jewelry available in a variety of colors and styles for mom to wear and for baby to chew on or play with. A clever way to always have a toy on hand. The necklaces have a quick-release clasp in case baby yanks too hard (it'll come off rather than snap) and the bracelets are on stretch cord. Since they're all dishwasher safe, cleaning them is a cinch.

I ordered a bracelet in ivory, as that's what Jude tries to gnaw on most, and so far he seems to enjoy it. I'm still wearing my silver bracelet but he doesn't even pay it attention anymore. He prefers to grab at the Chewbeads, manipulate them with his fingers, and of course shove them in his mouth. I imagine they'll be even handier once he starts teething. The only downside is the price, they're a little expensive but if you order from Amazon, or anywhere else you can have them shipped for free, totally worth it.

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