Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Starting A Long Day

Today's another one of those days where I know it's just going to be much too long. I love our son and the time we spend together is the most precious thing in the world. That said, sleep is also pretty precious and it is in short supply this morning.

To start us off, I got to bed late (well after 11:00). Jude woke up in his crib at 4:00, so I decided to go in and try rocking him back to sleep rather than bringing him into bed with us. As a person with narcolepsy, anything less than ten hours makes life exceptionally difficult. Time slept basically equates to half the time slept; four hours is effectively two hours, six hours is effectively three hours, and so on. After an hour of him falling asleep, me putting him down, and him waking right back up again; I decided I may as well change his diaper and try again.

Right as I'm about to close up his nice new dry diaper, he pees. Since the diaper is yet to be closed, he pees on himself. The surprise of suddenly being wet and the following outfit change wakes him up completely. There's now no hope of rocking him back to sleep and putting him in his crib.

I decide to try bringing him to bed with us, where he can nurse on his own time and pass back out, but he wants no part in this and just sort of nurses, rolls over, and starts complaining. I try switching sides, because sometimes it's that simple, but this doesn't placate him either. With no options left, I take him out into the living room to start the day.

There is still a very minute hope of a little sleep if I plop him in his swing and lay on the sofa where he can see my face. We've both managed to fall asleep and get a good nap this way in the past. It's to no avail today though. He screams at me in protest the instant I put him down. No amount of gentle convincing can convince him to stay there.

In fact, I soon come to find he'll not let me put him down anywhere. Effectively making  me unable to even make myself breakfast and I eat instant oatmeal every day. All he wants to do this morning is be carried around. Not even a warm up to that today. Oh boy.

He must be going through some developmental stages or something. Perhaps creeping, or sitting himself up! Hopefully he hasn't begun teething already, or isn't coming down with something.

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