Thursday, February 28, 2013

Cat Scratch Fever

That was a rude awakening. Jude had fallen asleep nursing beside me and had all the intention of granting me the rare treat of sleeping in when all of the sudden: Neelix! All 25 lb of him leaps up onto the bed, or rather onto the baby and my breast. There is blood EVERYWHERE. The baby is screaming and crying. I about swallow my tongue but outwardly I must remain calm.

As I clutch Jude to my chest in an effort to cuddle and comfort him I realize there is a searing pain in my nipple. Having soothed the baby to a degree, I pull him away to inspect the damage. As I wipe away all of the blood I realize that it's mine. Not his. He's fine. The screaming was due to the sudden jolt of having my boob yanked from him by a monstrous cat. He was just scared.

So here I am, with three scratches raked across my tit, trying to nurse the baby without hissing in agony. I don't even know where to begin in treating this. Anything you'd normally use on a scratch is off limits due to location and breastfeeding.

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