Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Advent Breastcare Essentials Kit

Size comparison: pouch, xbox 360 controller, thermal pad
Whether you nurse or pump, this is a handy kit! It packs a lot of essentials and the included pouch is larger than I expected (about the size of a decently long novel), making it great for storing "mommy" must-haves on the go -- either in your luggage or diaper bag.

The entire thing costs less than each of the included products do on their own, for example the thermal pads themselves are 10.00. At $9.00 for 2 thermal pads, 12 daytime nursing pads, 6 nighttime nursing pads, a reminder bra clip, a diary, and a convenient carry case: it's not just handy, it's also a great deal.

Bonus? When you're done nursing, the thermal pads can be used for any variety of other pain, hot or cold.

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