Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Hating Children

When people (especially young people) say they hate children... like did they forget they were a child themselves? gtfo you little turds. Be nice to kids, you were one! You exist right now because you were a child someone tolerated. Be especially nice to children if you were one less than a decade ago. You can dislike kids without being a douche bag to them.

Sure, everyone knows "that one" kid that is just the definition of irritating, but that isn't all kids anymore than that guy who keeps sexually harassing his coworker isn't "all men" or that one feminist who thinks men should be enslaved isn't "all feminists."

Like, just because your cousin/sibling/nephew/niece is being raised poorly and thus is an annoying little twat doesn't mean all children are rude and annoying. Blame the parent not the child. It's a freaking child. It won't know better if no one teaches it better.

Kids, by and large, are actually very sweet until prepubescence, when hormones begin making them act like moody little adults. Now, if you said you disliked teenagers, no one in their right mind would blame you much. Even teenagers. That said, you should still be nice to teenagers too. Their hormonal fluctuations aren't their fault and they have no control over them.

tl;dr: Stop acting like you popped into existence as a fully formed, educated adult. You used to pee on your face and eat boogers too, shut up.

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