Sunday, May 31, 2015

All Babies All The Time

“You talk about your son a lot.”
“Well, yeah. I spend all but a couple hours a day with him, sleeping aside.”
“So like 14 hours every day?”
“Sometimes more than that. I don’t have time for anything that doesn’t include him, so he may sometimes literally be all I have to talk about.”
“That makes sense. I hadn’t thought about it like that.”
“People usually don’t. Unfortunately.”

In which my friend suddenly realizes why moms talk so much about their babies. As an aside, I think I do decent job not flooding social media at least. There's Thursday (which exists solely for my family because they live 3000 miles away) and times things happening that aren't normal, etc. but it's not a nonstop thing.

But even if it were, if after a having a baby your female friend spends basically every waking moment caring for said baby, that's probably ALL she has to talk about. So telling her not to is basically just telling her to shut up. She's dealing with enough, maybe you should stfu.

Like I get it, maybe you don't like baby spam. It can seem excessive if you know like 1000 people on FB and 500 of them are moms but... why have you added so many people to begin with? That shit's your fault.

If it's just w
omen you actually know and care about posting about their kid, what's the issue? This may be the only adult social interaction she'll get all day. It might be all she has to update you about at the time. Get the fuck over it.

If you don't care about her, see the first point: why are you friends in the first place? FFS, you're more of a baby than her literal baby at that point.

If she truly is just going over board, you know how you can help? Talk to her about it. Complaining about it in her absence or exploding at her after the millionth 'first tooth!' photo isn't helping anyone. Remind her that you'd love to see posts from her about how she's doing. Maybe about what she's watching/reading/playing in her scant free time.

Babies absorb your life. It is easy to get caught in a routine and neglect yourself. People without kids don't understand because to them, they're always first priority. But to a parent? They aren't anymore. They might not even be second priority.

Basically say anything other than "wah wah wah babies, wah wah wah!" She gets enough of that, trust me.

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