Sunday, September 22, 2013

Hi Inconvenience, How's It Going?

In this house you cannot put the baby to sleep without feeding the cats first because the cats will just yell outside the nursery or barge in and either keep him from falling asleep in the first place or wake him up. Low and behold: no cat food -- we apparently even ran out of canned food this morning. Aaron's asleep (he got up at 6am to take my mother to the airport) so he can't run to the store for me as planned. I sit Jude in his walker safe from harm, rewind Sesame Street to start Elmo over, and then literally have to sprint to the corner store in the rain to fetch a can of cat food.

I get home, cold and wet, feed the disgruntled felines, release Jude from his oppression, and begin the bedtime routine. Jude dozes off as per usual but then wakes up screaming the moment I set him in his crib. What. The. Fuckery? This has not been a problem in months. I pick him back up and start over. Greaaaaat. Second time takes longer but is at least successful. Only now there are people moving into the apartment that shares a wall with the nursery. At 9PM. Yeah. Insert endless string of expletives. Here's hoping they at least realize it's a shitty time to move furniture and don't wake the baby being careless and loud.

Climbed in bed to say, "&#@* this day," and curl up in bed only for the baby to get up right then. Coaxed him back to sleep and then crawled into bed all defeated. I couldn't fall asleep fast enough, that's how done I was with this day. I wasn't opening my eyes for anything once my head hit that pillow. The fire alarm could've gone off and I'd have just died there comfortably.

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