Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Too Tired to Sleep (aka One of THOSE Days)

Last night I went to bed at 1:00AM. At 3:00AM Jude woke up crying due to a bad dream. He clearly wasn't just going to go back to sleep so I had to go comfort him. That happens sometimes. I laid with him and tried to get him back to sleep for 2 hours, most of which he spent on the brink of sleep until he just wasn’t anymore. There was no escaping. At about 5AM he gave up and started to play, so I sternly told him that it was no play time, tucked him in, and left the room.

No sooner than my head hit my pillow, he’d opened his door and wandered out into the hall. I escorted him back to bed, explained he needed to sleep, and then left. He stayed in bed this time and I went back to bed. Not 20 minutes later the cats started bothering me for food. Normally they eat at 8AM but I was so desperate for sleep I went ahead and fed them early just to get them out of my hair. Still hoping to get any sleep at all.

I climbed back in to bed, yet again, and the moment I began to doze off, Neelix barfed on the floor. Then Jude was up again -- though he remained in his room playing quietly, this meant even if I finally got to sleep it’d only be for an hour maximum. In short, I got all of 2.5 hours of sleep last night.

I spent the entire day in a fog-state, just kind of tending to needs at they arose and nothing else. Somehow Jude wasn’t tired at nap time, so he didn’t nap. Because he didn’t nap, I didn’t nap either. I have no idea how I am even functioning right now. I should be asleep but I’m so scared that the moment I fall asleep, he’ll wake up because of a bad dream and Nightmare Mode will repeat itself.

What do toddlers even have nightmares about? Being told no? Daddy eating all of their granola bars? Dropping their favorite toy behind the bed beyond reach? Mommy walking too fast to keep up? Like??? I'm so curious, because nothing actually bad has happened to him ever.

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