Sunday, February 15, 2015


Yesterday afternoon Aaron and I were out in the living room watching Farscape while Jude took his nap in the nursery with the door closed. We watched a couple of episodes and had lunch. Afterward we went to wake up the baby together, like we do everyday. Only when we walked into the hallway, so did Jude. Jude had been in the our bed room! For how long? Who knows?! We never heard him get up. We had no reason to expect him to be up. He has never before gotten out of the crib by himself! Until that moment, the crib was a magical, inescapable baby sanctuary. Now there's no stopping him.

After a hearty Valentine's Day feast and completely losing track of time, we didn't wind up going to bed until 4:00AM (I blame the wine, personally). I held out hope that nap time had been a fluke, and that perhaps Jude wouldn't be able to escape again and maybe, just maybe I wouldn't be up in four hours because there was a toddler crawling all over me. I was over optimistic, haha. He can most definitely get out now whenever he wants to. At 8:00AM, bright and early, Aaron found him in the kitchen. Just standing there, sleepy-eyed.

I mean, the house is baby-proofed so there's no danger, and now that we know he can do it, we're pretty on top of the matter... but man, I'm going to miss nap time and sleeping in in the mornings.

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