Monday, March 24, 2014

Weird Things You Say (To a Baby)

I find that there are a lot of things adults say to babies that would just be strange if said to another adult. For instance while playing with a pool noodle larger than he is, I affectionately referred to Jude as 'Noodle Face.' That would be weird enough on its own but then I followed it up by exclaiming, "Aw, if you had a noodle face you'd be like an adorable little Cthulhu!" What? That's such a weird thing to say and it just slipped right out of my mouth, no filter.

I also do the Irish thing and refer to him as a baba instead of as a baby but then it gets out of hand and morphs into 'Babo' (babe-oh), or worse 'Babalo' (bob-uh-low) which is just nonsense. It means literally nothing, but I say it all the time. Like it's some archaic language only mother and child comprehend.

He is also frequently called a 'Silly Billy' though there are plenty of Williams in our family, he is not one of them. To make it even sillier he can't even just be a Silly Billy. He's a 'Silly Billy Pumpkin Pie.' I don't even know why. I can't explain it to you. Pumpkin Pie actually gets added onto the end of many things referring to Jude for reasons I can't tell you. It's become a household suffix.

Then there's just the weird crap you say to the baby in general like, "You're so cute I just want to smush you!" Or, "I could just eat you up!" One thing I say a lot is, "I want to hug you until there's nothing left." I would never actually hug him to death, of course. Obviously. But it's a thing I say and it's weird. Or just point blank asking him if he's pooped yet, or if he is pooping now. Has anyone other than a doctor asked about your bowel movements? Probably not.

I'm not alone in this. People say things like this to him or other nearby babies all the time without a second thought. Around children are our brain filters just shut down? I usually think nothing of it. It's just a thing people do. However when you really think about it, it's so bizarre.

Can you imagine if someone walked up to you, a grown adult, and said, "Hey, Silly Billy. I want to hug you until you're dead!" You'd be like, "What the hell?!" Yeah, it's a little creepy. I'd probably run away from them without looking back. But to a kid? Totally fine. Everyone knows you aren't serious.

What are some entertaining things you call/say to your children?

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