Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Letter to a Dear Friend: Welcome to Club Mommy

I wrote this letter to my dear friend, who presently lives 3000 miles away, much to my dismay. I planned to send it to her in time to arrive for her baby shower, while she was yet pregnant, but she delivered 10 weeks early the other day. So instead I decided to type what I had written (in cursive) so that she can just read it now.

Both she and her new addition are doing well, he was born 3 lb 6 oz and 16 1/2". His name is Oliver and he's the definition of fantastic. I cannot wait to meet him. Even more, I can't wait for Jude to meet him. That will be incredibly precious. First things first though, get stronger so that you can go home, Oliver!

"Dear Lena,
Good afternoon, I hope you are feeling well today. I know being pregnant has been a lot more uncomfortable than you thought it would be. You're in the final stretch now though! Before long you'll trade in all this misery for a joy the likes of which you've never known.

I read something interesting the other day. Did you know that cursive is a dying art? They no longer teach it in many schools and more are jumping off boat. The cursive boat. Your child may not be able to decipher this letter unless you teach them to. Cursive will be a secret code language among adults. Bwah haha!

Anyway, I put together a little box of some essentials I had on hand**. Some of it is brand new, never used. Other things were gently worn by the Little Duck before he out grew them. Everything has already been washed with Dreft though, so it's ready-to-wear. You don't have to do any work. Most of it is gender neutral since you bravely decided not to find out, but there is also some blue because we're both pretty sure it'll be a little man*. It is a soft blue though, easy enough to make girly if you have to: just add a bow.

The days ahead of you are long and arduous but also amazing and ultimately empowering. There will be days that you forgot what it feels like to sleep, smell like a hobo, and feel like a crazy person, but they will pass. You will also discover a god-like patience, a strength the likes of legend, and a love so pure and unconditional words cannot do it justice. I am so happy and excited for you, Lena. You will be great at this.

If you need anything, at any time, just contact me. I might be far away but I am here.

Fighting evil by moonlight,

*We were right, ha!
**Shipping this out soon!

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