Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Dino Theme for Baby

A lot of themes seem overdone for babies. If it's a boy you have monkeys, cars, and sports. If it's a girl you have princesses, pink, and flowers. For Jude I wanted something different. Something more gender neutral that all kids love. DINOSAURS. There isn't a person alive who was not fascinated by dinosaurs at one point in time. Thing is, it's not a very popular theme so finding items for baby that are dino related can be kind of a treasure hunt.

Here are some of the things I got or am still hoping/aiming to get in the future, as unisex as it can be:

Nursery Decor:
  1. Dino Mobile
  2. Dino Wall Decals (if you've got smooth walls)
  3. Dino Wall Art (if you don't)
  4. Dino Changing Pad Cover
  5. Dino Window Valance
  6. Dino Night Light
  7. Dino Play Mat


  1. Dino Crib Sheet
  2. Dino Flannel Blankets
  3. Dino Fleece Comforter
  4. Dino Blankies
  5. Dino Crib Set A
  6. Dino Crib Set B
  7. Dino Crib Set C
  8. Dino Crib Set D


  1. Dino Walker
  2. Dino Rocker
  3. Bronto Plush A
  4. Bronto Plush B
  5. Bronto Plush C
  6. Stego Plush
  7. Triceratops Plush
  8. Anklyo Plush
  9. Ptera Plush
  10. T-Rex Plush A
  11. T-Rex Plush B


  1. Dino Shirt and Pants Set
  2. Dino Pajamas A
  3. Dino Pajamas B
  4. Dino Pajamas C
  5. Dino Pajamas D
  6. Dino Bibs A
  7. Dino Bibs B
  8. Dino Outfit
  9. Dino Onsies A
  10. Dino Onsies B
  11. Dino Onsies C
  12. Bib and Booties


  1. Bath Toys
  2. Dino Towel
  3. Dino Bath Set

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