Thursday, October 31, 2013


I drew, cut-out, and colored all of those bats!
Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Everything about it is just fantastic: scary movies, autumn weather, candy, pumpkins, apple cider, spooky things. To make it even better, this was Jude's first participatory Halloween!

I took him Trick-or-Treating and he made a pretty good haul considering we were only out for a little while (I was carrying him and he's a fourth of my body weight). As with last year, this year he was a Skellington. Except this year his bones were glow in the dark, which he just thought was the coolest.

I was surprised just how much he enjoyed himself. Being carried around by Mommy, meeting random people, getting to choose his own candy from their dishes, staring in wonder at people in costumes, laughing at other children. His world is magical and I am so grateful to be privy to it.

Not bad, Jude, not bad.

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