Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Caloric Intake

I am attempting to consume 2500 calories per day in an effort to maintain my current weight while breast feeding. What I am finding is that, even trying, eating more than 2000 calories is really hard! Even on days where I eat breakfast, second breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, and dessert on top of snacking.

Calories total: 2287
Calories after breastfeeding: 1787

Calories total: 1849
Calories after breastfeeding: 1339

Calories total: 2338
Calories after breastfeeding: 1838

Calories total: 2387
Calories after breastfeeding: 1887

Calories total: 1944
Calories after breastfeeding: 1444

Calories total: 1486
Calories after breastfeeding: 986

Calories total: 1750
Calories after breastfeeding: 1250

In roughly a week I did not manage to meet my goal of 2500 calories a single time. In fact, I even managed not/barely to break 1000 on a few occasions. Ugh! And I'm not a health nut eating only fat free sugar free bird food. My diet consists of meat and cheeses and even fast food. How the hell do people manage to eat more than 2000 calories by accident?

How many calories do you need?


  1. He he, easy - eat A LITTLE MORE... *sigh* It's truly terrible the way I can make my body adapt to larger and larger portions of food - to the point where I have absolutelty no problems reaching 2000 cal's just by having three to four meals per day. The fourth meal is by far the worst - because I really don't need it.

    But I'm giving myself some slack now that I'm breastfeeding, altough it's important for me to maintain a sensible portion size all through.

    I try to have more meals, but smaller portions.
    Breastfeeding is frickin awesome, I LOVE IT. But it's not forever, so I must try not to learn (or go back to) bad eating habits!

    / former plus-size girl...

    1. I usually wind up eating about two servings overall, either together or one shortly after the other. I get full too quickly otherwise. I'm not sure I could fit more than two servings of anything though.

      I love breastfeeding too! My little Ducky just got his first tooth which only serves to remind me just how precious and short this period in their life really is. Nothing sweeter than a baby nursing contently!